Super Bowl 51: Every Ad We Have So Far

The New England Patriots will clash with the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl 51 this coming Sunday, February 5th, but we’re not interested in any of that. No. We’re only interested in what happens between the plays. As is usually the case, brands are spending millions upon millions of advertising dollars to attract attention during the many, many ad breaks that will pepper the game on Sunday evening. These are spots that have always attracted the top rung of the Hollywood ladder, and this year is no different, but whilst the Super Bowl was traditionally the first chance football fans (and the indifferent masses who watch for the sake of watching it) got to watch these million dollar masterpieces (and failures), we live online these days, so most brands have, in recent years, gotten into the practice of releasing their ads ahead of time, allowing us to, in kind, compile many of them here so that you can enjoy on your own time. You don’t even need to sit through a second of American football! We’ll be updating this story as more of the ads are released (or in some cases, the full versions of ads, where a teaser is put out ahead of time), so make sure to check back to see what’s new! Also, if you can’t get enough Super Bowl ad news, there is even more to explore in our Super Bowl 2017 Celebrity Endorsements and Super Bowl 51 Roundup pieces. So fill your boots people. Tis the season after all.


Grey – Febreze

Febreze, an Official Sponsor of the NFL, has unveiled its first-ever Super Bowl ad, “America’s Halftime Bathroom Break.” Created by Grey New York, the spot is voiced-over by actress Kathryn Hahn and provides a humorous look at the always-anticipated Halftime #BathroomBreak, which refers to the phenomenon that occurs as millions of football and ad-loving fans rush to the bathroom in the minutes between the halftime whistle and the halftime show. The 30-second spot will air in the second quarter of Super Bowl LI.


In-House – Wealthsimple

The new Wealthsimple Super Bowl spot, “Mad World,” portrays a young man who is besieged on all sides by conflicting, confusing, and intimidating financial advice. It’s a story about money, but it’s really a story about the modern world. It’s a feeling that many of us share right now: that feeling of being overwhelmed by information and opinion, feeling like there’s a right thing you should be doing, if only you knew what it was. Wealthsimple tapped two of the commercials and film world’s top names to deliver the spot’s disorienting, cinematic sweep, including Director Martin de Thurah and Stéphane Fontaine. Visual effects were created by Oscar-winning VFX house, The Mill. The spot also stars Tony Revolori, best known as Lobby Boy from the Grand Budapest Hotel. The ad was created by Wealthsimple’s in-house creative/marketing team (former creatives at Wieden+Kennedy). A 60-second version of the ad will air during the Super Bowl in Canada as well as in US markets including Austin, Boston and Seattle.


72andSunny – adidas

The new global campaign from adidas by 72andSunny Los Angeles underlines the brand’s aggressive pursuit for creativity to push the boundaries of sport. The new campaign, titled “Unleash Your Creativity,” is told through a female athlete’s lens and stars supermodel Karlie Kloss, fitness influencer Hannah Bronfman, fitness instructor and best-selling author Robin Arzon, WNBA All-Star Candace Parker and USWNT soccer star Becky Sauerbrunn, among others. “Unleash Your Creativity” debuted online this week and will air globally in more than 20 countries during key moments including the Super Bowl LI Pre-Game Show, NBA All-Star Game, and The Academy Awards.


Levit Agency – King’s Hawaiian

Los Angeles-based boutique advertising agency Levit Agency has crafted a first-ever Super Bowl commercial for King’s Hawaiian that embraces the tribulations of fatherhood. The spot features a man boasting to his friend about his sly efforts to keep his beloved King’s Hawaiian bread rolls out of family reach, cleverly (albeit sloppily) stashing the bread in a grandfather clock accessed through a hole in the pantry. Little does he know that his son is not only aware of the secret hiding spot, but marvels at the presence of the rolls as a delicious miracle. The spot’s placement, which is a first for the brand and the agency alike, will air during Super Bowl LI, though we’ve not been told where.


GSD&M – Avocados from Mexico

Avocados From Mexico and creative-agency GSD&M are bringing avocados back to the Super Bowl after taking them to space (2016) and showing their importance in the first draft ever (2015). This year, the brand is capitalising on the hungry appetites of football fans of all ages. The spot offers light-hearted humour with a healthy twist that will entertain and delight fans with the unmatched hilarity they have come to expect from the brand. The spot, entitled “Secret Society,” kicks off in a dark, mysterious room featuring a group of cloaked and roped members, part of a secret society, as they gather to discuss concerns over their leaked secrets. With the ultimate secret unhidden (that avocados are healthy) the group is left wondering how they can be a secret society if they can’t keep any secrets at all. The spot features actor and comedian Jon Lovitz and offers cultural insight that pokes fun at today’s society, heavily reliant on social media and sharing, and therefore its inability to keep a secret. AFM’s Super Bowl efforts correlates with a recent public health recommendation from the US Food & Drug Administration to redefine the term “healthy” on nutrition labels and foods.


David&Goliath – KIA

A breaching whale. A falling tree. A charging rhinoceros. These are just some of the extreme challenges Melissa McCarthy faces in Kia Motors Super Bowl ad for the all-new 2017 Niro crossover. Debuting online this week, the 60 second spot, “Hero’s Journey” is scheduled to air in the third quarter of the big game and finds McCarthy on a mission to save the environment. Created by agency of record David&Goliath, the spot is the centrepiece of a multifaceted campaign showcasing the Niro as no-compromise package combining driving enjoyment with eye-catching design, functional utility and record-setting fuel economy. After McCarthy’s adventures in the highly-fuel efficient Kia Niro, Kia is giving fans some extra MPG: Melissa’s Precious Gear. During the big game on Sunday, consumers engaging with the interactive NiroBot for Messenger will have the opportunity to win over 40 props and items from the set of the Kia Niro big game commercial. Kia was the first advertiser to debut a Super Bowl commercial on Facebook Messenger, and now their fans will have a chance to own part of that history.


Deutsch – Busch

Busch is making its much anticipated Super Bowl debut when the brand’s “BUSCHHHHH” commercial airs during the first quarter of Super Bowl LI. Although new to the Super Bowl spotlight, Busch has been a mainstay in American beer culture since August Busch Jr. put the family name on the beer in 1955. Busch’s 30-second Super Bowl spot revitalises some of the brand’s iconic marketing assets like the “stream pull” and “BUSCHHHHH” can crack sound, which first appeared in 1978 and continued in different variations until 2009. The spot also introduces consumers to the Busch Guy for the first time, who will be featured in TV assets throughout the year. Additionally, the Busch cans featured in the commercial reflect the brand’s new look that will hit stores in early April. Anheuser-Busch is among the Super Bowl’s most prolific advertisers, serving up some of the most memorable, humorous and touching commercials for decades. However, Busch’s first Super Bowl appearance is an unprecedented move, allowing the brand to further fuel recent growth and maintain its leadership position in the high-volume value segment, which accounts for 25% of total beer. The “BUSCHHHHH” spot was developed in conjunction with Deutsch New York, who was named Busch’s new lead creative agency in August 2016.


Venebles Bell & Partners – Audi

Audi released its Super Bowl 51 commercial this week featuring a powerful message on pay equality. The 60-second spot, called “Daughter,” shot by award-winning filmmaker Aoife McArdle, will air during the third quarter of the big game. The commercial was created by Venables Bell & Partners with Somesuch + Anonymous Content. “Daughter” tells a moving story of a father’s vision for his daughter’s future as he watches her compete in a downhill cart race. As she weaves her way through a field of competitors, her father contemplates whether her worth is measured by her gender. When she wins the race, they embrace and he ponders a different future for his daughter. The spot concludes with a commitment from on Audi equal pay for equal work, because “progress is for everyone.”


INNOCEAN – Hyundai

At Super Bowl LI, some of the better moments will happen off the field in the hearts of those who make the Super Bowl possible. Hyundai Motor America, an official sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl 50 USA Today Ad Meter winner, is bringing a first of its kind experience to those that deserve it most, by making this year’s game better for our soldiers overseas. Hyundai will transport several US troops from a base overseas to the heart of the action in stadium. Using custom built 360-degree immersive pods, Hyundai will allow the soldiers to feel as though they are in the stadium. As announced recently, Hyundai and its marketing agency partner INNOCEAN Worldwide are working with renowned director Peter Berg to bring this never done before idea to life. The team will shoot, edit and produce a 90-second documentary in real time that captures this incredible experience. This piece will run after the final whistle in the first commercial break immediately following the conclusion of the game, before the trophy ceremony. Hyundai released two teasers during the AFC and NFC Championship weekend, featuring Super Bowl champions Joe Montana and Mike Singletary that hint at Hyundai’s creative. The full story will be told when the 90-second piece airs after the game.


We Are Unlimited – McDonald’s

McDonald’s is launching a massive integrated national campaign entitled “Big Mac For That,” which introduces three sizes of its iconic Big Mac. This is the first work created by We Are Unlimited, McDonald’s new agency of record, which incorporates marketing partners such as Facebook, Google and Twitter into the agency team to inform the most fully integrated marketing solutions. The work will run on numerous channels, including national broadcast (notably during Pre-Kick Super Bowl, Grammys, and Oscars), and Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The new campaign seeks to celebrate the iconic sandwich while creating a new generation of Big Mac fans with a spotlight on the newest additions to the Big Mac family, the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. “We Are From LA,” the duo awarded last year’s Best Video Grammy award for Pharrell’s “Happy” directed the campaign, which includes a total of 18 spots including customised spots for Pre-kick Super Bowl, The Oscars and The Grammys. One of the foundations of We Are Unlimited is a deep commitment to collaboration. The Big Mac campaign was created in partnership with agencies including The Marketing Store Worldwide, Burrell, IW Group, The Narrative Group, Golin, Boden Agency and Omnicom agencies Alma Ad, Red Urban, OMD and Resolution Media.


In-House – Nintendo

Gaming giant Nintendo has never splurged on a Super Bowl ad, a surprising fact when you consider the fact that upstarts in mobile gaming like Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike and more, beat it to the punch. Now, roughly a month before the 3 March launch of its next gen, on-the-move gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, the company is hoping to capture as broad an audience as possible at the Super Bowl as it ensures its hardware can relive the mainstream success of the Wii. The ad will cost the Japanese company more than $5 million looks to leverage the time showcasing the inarguably unique features of the hybrid console. There’s a short cut of the ad currently on YouTube, although it’s likely the slot will see some major cuts to make it fit for broadcast. Showcased are a series including Mario Kart, Splatoon, Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter, Just Dance and more. The ad will air on Fox during at game at an unspecified time.


Publicis Seattle  T-Mobile

Yesterday, T-Mobile debuted its new 2017 Super Bowl ad by Publicis Seattle starring Justin Bieber and featuring cameos from touchdown dance pros, New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski and NFL 6-Time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens. The ad, called #UnlimitedMoves, calls attention to the fact that celebrations shouldn’t be limited, and neither should data plans. Starting today, fans are encouraged to submit their best touchdown dances on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tagging #UnlimitedMoves for a chance to be selected as one of the best by Justin Bieber on Monday, February 6th, where he’ll retweet his favourites.


Anomaly – Budweiser

Budweiser, no stranger to the Super Bowl, will use its coveted minute of advertising airtime to celebrate the American dream; a central theme for the brand in 2017. To officially kick-off its year long campaign, the brand is premiering a cinematic piece of film titled, “Born the Hard Way,” telling Budweiser’s storied history of inception in the mid-1800’s. Budweiser believes freedom and the pursuit of the American dream are nothing without ambition — something the brand has believed throughout its 141-year history directly dating back to company co-founder Adolphus Busch. The visceral piece of cinematography brings viewers along for the journey as Adolphus Busch sets out to defeat the odds by travelling to America eventually destined to become the largest brewer in the world. The story is one of commitment, passion and never giving up or backing down. Since Budweiser’s first Super Bowl debut in 1975, the game day mainstay has aired over 100 pieces of creative, with each Super Bowl offering a unique opportunity to bring the brand’s point of view to life. Super Bowl LI marks the 28th year that Budweiser has been the exclusive beer category advertiser of the Super Bowl and Anheuser Busch’s 42nd year advertising in the game.


Bullish – GoDaddy

Last week, Bullish, the new agency launched by Deutsch veterans Michael Duda and Brent Vartan last year, released a teaser for its Super Bowl for Go Daddy which hinted at how the agency would “personify the Internet” in its big game ad promoting the new website building tool GoCentral. Now the agency has released the full ad, with the roomba-riding cats of the teaser just a small segment of the Internet-fuelled spot. The spot opens with a young man introducing himself as the Internet as he wakes up to reveal a “Plug Life” tattoo as mail flies through his window to the sound of “You’ve got mail.” He heads to the shower, where he takes the ice bucket challenge, walks past a room full of roomba cats and heads out to a sporting a vanity plate and an “Is this real life?” bumper sticker. It’s all set to Rick Astley‘s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” otherwise known as the official song of the Internet. Built around squeezing as many popular memes into the spot as possible, the ad manages to celebrate all things Internet in its 30 seconds. Bullish was set to have another spot in the Super Bowl with its big game ad for GNC, but the NFL pulled the plug on the effort, citing the brand’s sale of supplements containing drugs the league bans players from taking.


VML – Wendy’s

Wendy’s will have a spot in the Super Bowl for the first time in its nearly fifty year history with a big game spot from VML entitled “Cold Storage.” It also appears to be VML’s first trip to the big game, save for its “Super Bowl Dunk Lens” for Gatorade last year. The spot keeps things simple, with a focus on the brand’s promise of “Fresh, Never Frozen Beef.” It opens on the Other Guys frozen beef storage vault slowly opening to reveal a gigantic freezer full of frozen beef patties. The camera slowly makes its way to the back of the room where a man is utilising what is surely an inefficient method to thaw frozen burgers.


Leo Burnett Toronto – Amazon

Amazon will air its first-ever Super Bowl ad this year and it has recruited Alec Baldwin for his first Super Bowl campaign since Hulu back in 2009. The company released a teaser Wednesday, in which the actor is seen planning an epic Super Bowl party with legendary NFL quarterback Dan Marino. Amazon’s wireless speaker and voice command device, Alexa of the Amazon Echo, makes a cameo as well. The company also announced that Missy Elliott—coming off her performance during Katy Perry’s halftime show at last year’s Super Bowl—will appear with Baldwin and Marino in the Super Bowl spot. Leo Burnett Toronto created the campaign, which is using the hashtag #BaldwinBowl. Baldwin and Marino will star in the gameday spot as well as the teaser.


BBDO – Snickers

Snickers will make Super Bowl history as the first brand to conduct a live ad during Super Bowl LI in Houston on February 5. The first-ever live Super Bowl ad, created by BBDO New York, will be shot and air during the first commercial break of the third quarter and will star Star Wars actor Adam Driver. The brand released a sneak peek of what fans can expect on Super Bowl LI Sunday in a series of trailers today. To give fans a taste of what to expect from Snickers on Super Bowl Sunday, the brand also is producing a 36-hour live stream event from the set of the commercial that will stream on, as well as the Snickers Facebook page beginning Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET. The new commercial is part of a fully integrated 360 campaign to reinforce the brand’s connection to hunger satisfaction before, during and after Super Bowl LI. Fans can follow all of the live Snickers action throughout Super Bowl LI on, as well as the brand’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.


Merkley and Partners – Mercedes AMG

The Coen Brothers (Joel and Ethan to their mother) are arguably amongst the only true modern auteurs in American cinema, so the news that they were to direct an ad spot for Mercedes Benz to air during the Super Bowl came as something of a shock to cinematic snobs. Those same snobs, however, undoubtedly wouldn’t have believed that Wes Anderson would direct a Christmas spot for H&M. Strange times right? The resulting ad is reliably cool, with a subtle, comedic atmosphere that heavily references the classic 1969 biker film “Easy Rider.” It even features the films star, Peter Fonda, and the iconic Steppenwolf song “Born to Be Wild, “ which was popularised in that acid-soaked masterpiece. The ad, dubbed “Easy Driver,” puts a modern twist on the Easy Rider mythos by portraying a group of ageing bikers at a bar. After a wonderfully wonky fight, the raucous group of bikers come to find that their Harleys have been blocked in by a rather attractive car. The agencies behind the spot are Merkley and Partners, which is the lead shop for Mercedes-Benz USA, and Antoni of Berlin, Germany, which handles the brand in Europe. The ad is part of Mercedes new strategy of giving more marketing attention to AMG, its sports car and high-performance sub brand.


Innarketing – Tyson

With the NFL playoffs in full swing, Sam’s Club recently tapped director Chris Dealy of creative content studio The Collective @ LAIR for a spot by Innarketing for Tyson Foods & Sam’s Club poking fun at sports fan culture and the resulting rituals of gathering food before the big game. Parodying the intensity and scrutiny of sportscasters, the spot feature consumers as if they were athletes in their choices of selecting certain Tyson items.


adam&eveDDB – Skittles

A playful new Skittles ad for Super Bowl 51 sees a love-struck teenager inadvertently feeding Skittles his beloved’s family (and a few unexpected house guests!). The ad is Skittles’ take on a love story. It features a hopeless romantic trying to woo his crush from outside her window, with the help of Skittles. He ends up wooing more than the girl. This is just the third time Skittles has advertised in the Super Bowl. The brand returned last year with its “Portrait” Super Bowl ad starring Steven Tyler, and announced earlier this year it held the spot as the No. 1 selling non-chocolate confection brand. This year’s ad was made by adam&eveDDB, and will air during the game’s first quarter.


Wieden+Kennedy – TurboTax

TurboTax returns to the big game for the fourth consecutive year with a new 45-second spot that will air during the first half of the game. In what has already been a celebrity-filled campaign for TurboTax, the new spots feature Humpty Dumpty, one of the most well-known and beloved nursery rhyme characters. The first in the series, titled “Humpty Fall,” is a 45-second spot directed by Ivan Zachariáš that debuted during the national broadcast of the AFC Championship game. The series playfully sheds light on Humpty Dumpty’s story, highlighting the world’s most-famous egg’s taxes. Because everyone knows Humpty Dumpty, but no one knows why he was on the wall or what happens after the fall. The creative was developed in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy.


JohnXHannes – Squarespace

Squarespace has revealed the creative direction of its fourth-ever Super Bowl campaign. The newly released director’s cut of the pre-game spot follows John Malkovich as he attempts to register a domain with Squarespace and set up a website for his new fashion brand. For the big game, Squarespace will be airing a 30-second in-game spot and a 60-second pre-game spot which encourage viewers everywhere to get their domain before it’s gone. While Malkovich may be best known for his film work, he studied costume design and began his career in theatre. He recently returned to his roots with the launch of his eponymous menswear collection available at, hosted by Squarespace. Squarespace worked with award-winning creative collective JohnXHannes New York to develop and produce the Super Bowl spots. The campaign was produced in conjunction with Smuggler and Flower Ave, directed by Miles Jay, with photography by Zach Gold.


Team One – Lexus

To celebrate a new brand era and introduce its new global tagline (Experience Amazing), Lexus will feature the Lexus LC performance coupe and redesigned Lexus LS luxury sedan in a spot during the Super Bowl. Titled “Man & Machine,” the spot features dancer Lil Buck and the latest single from Sia, “Move Your Body.” The spot parallels the relationship between the shapes and movements of the human form and the power and athleticism of Lexus’ most premium models. Minnie Driver debuts as the new voice of Lexus. “Man & Machine” was directed by film and music video director Jonas Akerlund of Serial Pictures. Team One is the agency behind the spot.


In-House –

Israeli website building company is also returning to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row with celebrities in tow. Their “action packed”campaign features action heroes Jason Statham and Gal Gadot in a spot that made its debut on Facebook Live and YouTube Live last week. However, this spot won’t necessarily be the one that airs on game day, as the brand’s campaign is built around a “series of short films” including the hectic piece above that will be released up until the Super Bowl. has not revealed which spot will run during the game. A clever move that shows just how much money the brand has to burn if it’s willing to hire top tier talent for a spot they won’t even be using!


McGarryBowen – Intel

Intel kicked off its second Super Bowl appearance since 2010 using NFL star Tom Brady. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based technology company will air a 30-second spot starring the Patriots quarterback between the first and second quarters. The ad was the first pre-released Super Bowl spot of the season. The commercial from McGarryBowen touts Intel’s 360 replay technology which offers a full, 360-degree look at key moments in sports, by featuring could-be-epic actions like Mr. Brady yawning, brushing his teeth and eating pancakes off the floor as music swells off-camera. The 360-technology will also be used during Fox’s broadcast for the second year in a row.


Wieden+Kennedy – Bud Light

Bud Light is back for Super Bowl LI with the goal of promoting the brand’s new tagline, “Famous Among Friends.” No mock elections. No crazy nights of finding a regular Joe who is “Up for Whatever.” No celebrity appearances from the likes of Don Cheadle or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead, they have this ad. The “Ghost Spuds” Bud Light Super Bowl ad features the resurrection of ’80s Bud Light mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. He comes back from the dead to get a lazy guy off the couch and out for some good times with his friends. Not for the beer, of course, but for the friendships.


Droga5 – Sprint

In its first creative work from Droga5, Sprint humorously highlights just how far customers will go to get out of their Verizon contracts. The 30-second spot, entitled “Car,” which will run in the second quarter of the Super Bowl, shows a man pushing his car off of a cliff, followed by telling his children, “Well, kids, Daddy’s dead.” Sprint customer (and former Verizon spokesman) Paul Marcarelli sees the exchange and says to the father, “Let me guess. Faking your own death to get out of your Verizon contact? You could’ve just switched to Sprint.” While the 30-second video is currently available on YouTube, Sprint plans on releasing an alternate version of it following the big game. A 45-second version of “Car” will also be posted online this week. This is Sprint’s first work from Droga5, which was hired as agency of record in November, putting an end to the company’s two-year relationship with Deutsch. Sprint is currently reviewing its media-planning and -buying business, which has been held by Mediavest since 2011.


Global Team Blue – Ford

For the first time in three years, Ford is back in the Big Game with a spot by the WPP owned specialist agency, Global Team Blue. They won’t be advertising during the Super Bowl itself but instead have snagged up a full 90-seconds of airtime between the coin toss and the opening kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. Ford has gone the sentimental route, with an ad narrated by Bryan Cranston and set to the tune of Nina Simone’s I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free. The message of the spot is that the automaker is here to help us “Go Further” in the future with innovative products like self-driving cars and electric bikes.


EngageM-1 – Buick

Cam Newton didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year,  but he did make it into a Super Bowl ad where he is demoted to the pee-wee football ranks. The Carolina Panthers quarterback shows up in a 60-second ad for Buick that the marketer released Tuesday night. The spot continues the “That’s a Buick?” marketing theme that plays off misperceptions of the General Motors brand. The setting is a pee-wee football game. “If that’s a Buick, then my kid is Cam Newton,” one of the player’s dad’s says as a Buick rolls into the parking lot. Then, of course, his kid transforms into the NFL star. It’s not the first time a Super Bowl ad has transformed an amatuer football player into a celebrity. See the classic 2010 Snickers Betty White ad that showed a quarterback suddenly appear as Abe Vigoda. Buick’s ad also stars supermodel Miranda Kerr. The ad, which will run in the first quarter, is by Publicis Groupe’s EngageM-1, which was formed last year when the Detroit offices of Leo Burnett and DigitasLBi were combined into a single unit to handle the GM account.


RPA Honda

Amy Adams, Viola Davis, Tina Fey and Robert Redford are just some of the stars whose yearbook photos are digitally brought to life in a Super Bowl spot from Honda. The ad, “Yearbook,” is aimed at promoting the 20th anniversary of Honda’s SUV. In the spot from ad agency RPA, the celebrities’ old yearbook photos — some of them black-and-white, and others featuring stars with embarrassing hair and outfits — speak from the pages. The 60-second commercial also features the voices of Missy Elliott, Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Carrell.


Leo Burnett Mr Clean

Who needs a hunky celeb when you’ve got Mr. Clean? For its first-ever Super Bowl appearance, the P&G cleaning brand has opted to make its bald, buff mascot the star of a spot that features him getting down and dirty with some housework. The 30-second spot, created by Leo Burnett Toronto, is slated to air during the third quarter of the game. In the ad, a woman becomes hot and bothered while watching an animated Mr. Clean gyrate his way through her house as he mops the floor, wipes off the stove and cleans the shower. The ad ends on a cheeky note when the seductive Mr. Clean transforms into the woman’s husband, who has been helping out with some household chores. She proceeds to tackle him onto the couch for a romp before the message “you gotta love a man who cleans” appears on-screen.


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